Self drive group tours to Latin America

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The website in English is coming soon. Can’t wait? Please contact me via the link below.  There is a group tour planned to Argentina on April 10th 2020. A wonderful trip that takes you from Mendoza to Salta via the famous Ruta 40. Another tour will show you Colombia, visiting Bogotá, the famous coffee region, Medellín and of course the Caribbean coast. Departure date Colombia tour: July 18th 2020.  And more tours are on the way! I’ll be more than happy to assist you on any inquiries you might already have at this moment on organized Self Drive group tours to any country in Latin America.

Thé ultimate road trip that will be coming soon is the one from Buenos Aires to Cartagena de Indias: this is the South American Panamericana all the way! 100 days of adventure, culture, discovery and meetings with people and nature.

Let’s be off on a Wonderful Road trip!

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